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Partial Listing of Rules for Bill’s Dek Hockey


1.   If any player or coach leaves the bench (penalty box and stands included) during an altercation, his/her team has forfeited the game and that person may receive suspensions.  The officials have the right to determine if it is an altercation.


2.   All players on a team must have the same color on.  The officials have the right to disallow a player on the surface if they do not comply.


3.   You are allowed to catch the ball.  You must drop it at your feet.


4.   Teams have one timeout per game.  A timeout can not be used between two periods of play.


5.   You can not call someone’s name from the other team.  It is a 1 minute unsportsmanlike penalty.


6.  Use caution at all times – especially when the surface is slippery.


7.   If you slide and intentionally take a players legs out you will be assessed a 2 minute double minor (clipping) penalty.


8.   All teams must supply balls (3 by each team) for all games.  We use the balls provided by the teams for game play.  No balls = No game.


9.   If a player is kicked out of a game, they must leave the playing surface and the outside area.  The officials may penalize the player’s team and may not restart the game until the removed player complies.  Any further problems and the police will be called and you will be arrested.


10.   During the regular season, overtime is a 3 person shootout. Plus one if needed. After that it is a tie.  Playoffs are another period, regular clock - til someone wins.


11.   COACHES – 12 and under and 13-15 league teams must have a coach (an 18 or older adult) on the bench at all times.  16-19 and Adult league teams can only have rostered paid players on the bench.  NO EXCEPTIONS.


12.   If you touch, push, excessively argue with, or spit on an official – you are guaranteed a lengthy suspension and/or arrest.  Don’t do it.


13.   If the weather is questionable, please call our office.  (724) 379-3325  We do not cancel due to rain (except for roller).


14.   If a team is protesting an illegal player, the protest must be made BEFORE the game starts.  Rosters must be finalized by the team captain before the first playoff game.


15.   An illegal player may not be of proper age, not on the roster, a suspended player, or a not fully paid player.


16.   Captains can add players up until the 5th game is started.  Management has the right to disallow any addition.  You MUST check with management first.


17.   If you have to cancel a game for any reason, you must give us at least 24 hours notice.  WE WILL NOT RESCHEDULE GAMES.  If you do not give us notice, your team will be charged forfeit fees ($40).  This must be paid BEFORE you play again.


18.   You must pay to play – all players must be fully paid by the start of their team’s 6th game (adult leagues), otherwise they will not be allowed to play.  Management reserves the right to cancel team games if forfeit fees are owed.


19.   If you damage any part of this facility on purpose, you will pay for it financially and in suspensions.


20.   Any incidents outside the playing area will result in suspensions that are more serious and possible arrest.


21.   Our officials are not responsible for getting your jersey number right, especially if you are not wearing a number, or are wearing the wrong number.


22.   If your stick breaks while playing, drop it immediately.  Failure to do so will result in a 1 minute penalty.


23.   You must have your $20 ref fees paid (turned in to our office) before your scheduled play time.  If you are late, your team will receive a 1 minute delay penalty.  If your goalie or players are not ready, you will receive a 1 minute delay penalty.  Games will be called if 15 minutes late.  Management reserves the right to modify start times.  If we are running late, the upcoming teams will not be held accountable.


24.   If we lend you equipment or such, don’t steal it!  All teams have use of our extra equipment, please do not ruin it.  Each piece of equipment is available for rent for $1.


25.   If you slam your stick, broken or not, on the surface in an abusive manner, you will be assessed a 1 minute unsportsmanlike penalty.


26.   If you break a tile on the surface, you will receive a game misconduct penalty, be kicked out of the game, and fined $10 – this fine will be paid before you play again.


27.   HELMET RULES:  If you are 16 or younger, you must wear a hockey helmet with a full face shield (metal or plastic) and chin cup – Age 17 must wear at least a hockey helmet – 18 and up, we strongly recommend some sort of head protection.


28.   If a player gets a total of 3 minutes of penalties in one period of play (this includes three 1 minute’s – 1 major and 1 minor – 1 double minor and 1 minor – a 5 minute misconduct counts as a 1 minute minor), or 4 minutes total in a game, that player is kicked out of the game.


29.   If a player becomes a repeat offender in getting kicked out of games and getting suspensions, his/her suspensions will become lengthier.  Bill’s Dek Hockey reserves the right to ask a player not to play at this rink.


30.   ALL PLAYERS MUST HAVE WAIVERS FILLED OUT BEFORE THEY STEP ON THE RINK.  If you do not have one filled out, please come in to the office and complete one.  Failure to comply with this rule will result in the player not being able to play in league games.  All individuals participating in rentals are asked to do the same.


31.   YOUTH DEK HOCKEY AGE CLASSIFICATION:  The age a player is on January 1 of a given year is the age that player is for the entire calendar year.


32.   If you forfeit 2 games in a row, your team will be removed from the schedule.



These rules are not all inclusive.  If you have any questions, please ask our officials and/or management.